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Jana has marketed the insurance claims industry for over 18 years.  Beginning her career in customer service for a large temporary housing company. In 2005 she was onsite in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina assisting adjusters. In 2009, she won the Presidents Award for increased sales and in 2010 she was appointed as the General Manager for their UK office.

Next she worked for an International Independent adjusting firm and more the doubled business from their top client in Phoenix and in 2017 was the top sales person for the largest family owned restoration company.


Along the way, Jana has trained and helped many new sales people succeed.  Her passion and creative approach to sales is what sets her apart. 


"Jana is a phenomenal person to know in every way. She seeks to and follows through with adding value to every person and organization she is involved with. I have seen her grow businesses and help develop younger colleagues, myself included. I recommend Jana for culture and operational efficiency consultant, customer satisfaction and retention executive, and a personal mentor. "

                                                          H. Sanders


2009 - Presidents Award winner

2012 - Increased business for one client from 69 assignments a month to 151 assignments a month.


2014 - Grew start up temporary Housing company from $256,000 in revenue  to over 1 million dollars.

2016 -  Speaker at Western Region PLRB - Property & Liability Resource Bureau


I have worked with Jana in several capacities over 20+ years.  She is intelligent, articulate and has a creative work ethic that is simply unparalleled. Her innate ability to connect with people along with an understanding of sales and  superior customer service really means that you have someone who will give you what you are really looking for  success!

                                                           P. Urbina

Jana is an inspiration for me and my businesss and personal life.  For as long as I have known her, she has always delivered and made me feel I was associated with a professional who believed relationships are built on trust.  She is always up for a challenging task.

                                                             J. Buckley

Business Team


Live and work by the Platinum Rule: "Treat others the way they want to be treated." In order to do that you have to know yourself and your client.  If you take the time to do so, you will have incredible success in sales!

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